Yoga and the Flexible Lightworker

Went to my first ever yoga class this morning. If there is a category before “Beginner” that is me. I arrived early, somewhat stressed by the anticipation of a new thing to try. Judy Marlene Coughlin guided me through the routines using modified moves. She told me she has been teaching yoga to beginners for 20 years. (Not the same beginners, over and over, however!) This was an opportunity to discover what my body can and cannot do. I hope over time to be more flexible, and not only in adjusting my schedule. LOL.

As a person who calls myself a “Lightworker,” I have been learning what we should be doing while here on earth. We may feel we have a contract or mission to fulfill. We do not. It is enough that we are here living a positive life, i.e. “holding the light.” But we have a responsibility to take care of bodies so we can be strong in the world. We are a spirit here in a third dimensional body, but we can’t spend our days in meditation.

I am taking this to heart and going to make healthier choices going forward. I am planning to be around a long time so I need this shell to stay in shape. And I mean I need it to get in shape, then stay in shape. Being spiritual is not just about the intellect, spirit, emotions, but also about the physical.

Thanks Judy, for the great experience today. See you next week.

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