Writing Coach 10-30-2014

I recently changed what I call myself to being a Writing Coach.
I already do editing from substantive to copyediting. I can do proofreading as well, though I rarely see a document in that stage.

But I am also a certified life coach. I found I was using my coaching skills when working with my clients. A mentor suggested the name change.

Since I announced this change I am getting a lot of interest. “Oh! You are a writing coach! I just started working on a book and really need to talk to someone about it!” Or “I write blogs but don’t get any comments from my readers. Can you look at my work and give me advice?”

I can work with writers just starting out on a project who need clarity, someone to listen to their ideas and offer them feedback. I can work with writers who are dealing with a block. We can find out why and work through it together.

A good example is how I have always revised resumes. My process is to do a 30-60 minute call with the client to ask about her goals and values. I listen to the words she uses and hear when there is passion in her voice. As I find out more about her besides the draft she attached to her email, I get a clearer idea how to make the resume better reflect who she is and what she can do.

I like that this title of Writing Coach combines my abilities and allows me to go beyond the technical side of editing, and see into the hearts and souls of my clients.

“Hiring a writing coach is cheaper than never living your dream as a writer!”

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