More Things than in Your Books – and Movies! 7-5-2014

“Why do we believe in ghosts?” was the title of a panel discussion tonight at the science fiction convention Convergence. My friend knew I had an interest in the topic and suggested we attend.
It was immediately apparent this was to be no discussion. As the panelists introduced themselves it was clear most were complete skeptics, though one admitted to writing about ghosts in her novels. They stated that ghosts were due to wishful thinking and the missing of our loved ones who were dead. Any research, or “ghost hunting,” was misguided. All readings taken on equipment could be attributed to non-paranormal reasons.
Two minutes in, my friend had enough of the “discussion” and wanted to leave. She grew up in a haunted house and had no “wishful thinking” about seeing the ghost of the suicide that occurred in her garage decades before. I had a few buttons pushed and was curious how far they would take their skepticism. But we left.
I have noticed that many people who are interested in science fiction and fantasy, who read about dragons and magical powers, of wizards and witches, will shut down if one suggests anything paranormal actually exists.
How can one read books or see movies with story lines as big as the universe, in which we are admonished to “use the force” yet not believe in any actual universal energy, or multidimensional existence?
I am both a science fiction fan and a paranormal “fan” if that word can be used. I know a handful of others who are with me on this and can embrace both worlds.
More and more, I realize the broad universe of science fiction and fantasy is actually too limiting for me. It lacks one vital step, across a chasm, perhaps, of believing that some of what is imagined could be true.

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