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Books by Debra and Kathy. Available at Lulu.com.

Kathy as Editor and Personal Coach

“Kathy is a master editor and an excellent personal coach. I have had her do work in both capacities for me.

As an editor for more than one manuscript, Kathy found a lot of subtle things that others might have missed. She is thorough, detail-oriented, yet also sees the big picture. Not only that, she is delightfully easy to work with. I recommend her unconditionally to any writer.

As a writer, I have really enjoyed reading her work. Her books are fascinating, and the concepts behind them unique and far-reaching. I have only one directive – read them!

As a personal coach, Kathy has done work for me, both informally, and professionally. She has given me excellent advice on my business, including tips on how to build my company, etc. She and I worked together on a vendor table at Marscon 2007, and I found her business style and skills to be extraordinary. I recommend her to anyone wanting coaching on business skills, writing skills, or anything related.”

Craig L.

Kathy as Editor and Writer

“I asked Kathy to help me re-create, update and re-design my resume that wasn’t updated for nearly 5 years. What she was able to do with my resume that had the same format for almost 8-10 years she was able to bring my skills out and create a resume that was eye catching. When its time to update it again, i plan to call her up and ask for her help! I love it! :D”

Gina H.

Kathy as Substantive Editor

[Summer of 2014 I did a read through of the first four chapters of a book and provided a report on characters, dialogue, foreshadowing, consistency, clarification and more.]

“Thank you very much!”


Kathy as Esoteric Reader

[I only recently started providing more esoteric services, such as Reiki and tarot readings. Here is a testimony on a reading I did in October 2014. Kathy]

“I had a tarot card reading yesterday with Kathy Blixrud. I did not tell her why I wanted a reading but I did ask her to honestly share with me whatever info she received.

Well – Kathy has the gift!! She quickly zeroed in on what is going on in my and the options available to me as well as a lot of other important info. She ended the session with a short reading from a new deck of cards she purchased while at Mount Shasta. (Sorry Kathy, I don’t remember the name of the deck), anyway this was like the whipped cream with a cherry on top because it laid out perfectly the steps I need to take along with a huge dose of inspiration!

Thank you Kathy! Truly the best tarot card reading I have ever had. If any of you are considering a reading – look no further. Kathy is your answer.”


“Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated. You can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.

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