Roleplaying Life

Found a guide to Role Playing Games and realized it could serve as a kind of analogy for life. Role players may like this. I have summarized the first section here and attached the whole document.

Why Try?

Players are a dime-a-dozen commodity, so if you want to be invited (and re-invited) to games, you have to make sure that you’re not one of the common rabble.

Forget Winning

You’re winning if you’re playing your character to the best of your ability, even if that means putting him in situations where he might be killed.

Have Fun

There’s no shame in leaving a gaming group that doesn’t fit your style of play. By stubbornly sticking around, hoping that it will change or because (how many times have you heard this one, or said it?) “it’s the only game around”, you only make yourself, and possibly the GM and other players, miserable.

Take it Easy

Whether you lose a character to death, capture (Uncle Figgy has seen players who would rather their characters die than be taken captive), injury, disease or GM control, always remain positive and remember that (for death) you can always start again or (for capture or other) there might be a way out.

This also means that you shouldn’t get upset with the other players, either.

Pay Attention

Paying attention means staying focused on the game, the GM and the other players. If you don’t, and you miss something important, that’s your tough luck; the GM is perfectly within his rights to refuse to repeat himself at any time.

Cheating: Why Bother?

But cheating can breed resentment among players and can even get you thrown out of some games. You wouldn’t want the GM to cheat against you, don’t cheat against the GM.

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