Lost Hardware and Special Level of Hell 8-1-2014

Where do screws and hinges go when one is painting or staining furniture? No matter how hard I try to keep these bits together, something always vanishes. It goes to the same place the nail goes when dropped while hanging a picture.It is where all the “good” pens go, while pens that no longer write replace them on one’s desk, counter or purse. It must be close to where lost socks go when put in the dryer. They find the portal to this circle.

Another enigma are the plastic packets of extra buttons one receives with sweaters and shirts. Can they finally be thrown out? Do they have an expiration date? “If not used by such and such a date, throw out.” Are they recyclable? Is there a village waiting for buttons like others wait for donated eye glass frames?

Do these things keep anyone else up at night?

If they do, snap out of it. There are bigger issues in need of tending.

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