Writing Coach and Editor

Do you need help with a writing project? I am Kathy Blixrud and as a writing coach I can help you organize your thoughts and set goals on what you could do next. We can brainstorm on your target market and your message. If you are working on a project I can use my editing skills to sharpen your writing and clear any typos or grammatical errors that might distract the people you want to reach.

I can offer you thirty years of experience to help make your project as good as it can be. My education includes a B.A. in English from Augsburg College, Life Coaching Certification from Adler Graduate School and additional courses and workshops in editing and proofreading.

As a certified life coach I can work with you as a Writing Coach. We can talk about your project, set goals and connect on a regular basis to find out how it is going and work to clear any obstacles you may be encountering.

I have experience with the following types of documents:

• revising resumes,
• checking school papers for style,
• writing speeches,
• internet research and reports,
• reading and editing manuscripts for novels,
• proofreading materials for classroom,
• editing newsletters from start to end.

       I can do the following types of editing:

• substantive editing of your copy with a report on my recommendations
• copy editing of any document
• proofreading of a document before uploading or printing
• researching of any subject on the internet, creating a report for you
• writing of articles, speeches, updates to resumes and more
• formatting of your document before printing or uploading

Contact me today to find how we can collaborate to make your ideas a success!


Email: kathyblixrud@magicwordsinc.com

 “You can’t choose when synchronicity will happen, but you can be prepared for it.
Kathy Blixrud